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GREGOR LERSCH – Days of blooming your creativity at Bloom your Business      

            Bloom Your Business is an event that aims to gather under the same umbrella people who share a passion for floral design, unique experiences, inspiration, desire to constantly add value, development, effective ideas, options and solutions. Bloom Your Business is about learning, blooming, giving and connecting with others.

            Bloom Your Business is a comprehensive program designed to develop florists in terms of floral design and in terms of business. It is that Universe in which creativity will plait the matter through dedication, attention and inspiration of the Grand Master Gregor Lersch and Andreea Stӧr.

            The first two days of the event, March 29th and 30th 2016, are dedicated to floral design, you’ll be inspired by various floral creations of worldwide renowned floral designer, Gregor Lersch , together with Andreea Stӧr, and you will apply in the afternoon the techniques of the presented designs.

            In the third day, March 31st 2016, which is dedicated to flower businesses, you will improve the way you organize a wedding and you’ll learn how to sell your services as an expert, directly from Andreea Stӧr.

            For many years, Gregor Lersch is known as one of world`s Floral Top designers. His concept of combinig all styles of floral work, innovative techniques, arhitecture, social components, design trends and personality of the artist is unique and successful throughout the world.

            He is one of the few teachers recognized internationally for setting new trends and for influencing generations of florists and now, for the first time, he is coming to Romania!

            In this three days of event, we will go together through a path in the floral design world and developing our businesses world.

* The program will be held on English, but will be translated in real time by a Romanian translator.

Your investment:

Full Event Early Blooming: 2990 lei*


– The participation on the full event

– The floral design presentations

– The floral design workshops

– The business workshop

– Three lunches and coffee breaks

– Networking sessions

– Ceremony of diplomas

– Inspiration and a lot of creativity

Business Day : 990 lei

– Participation on the Business Seminar in the 3rd day

– Lunch and coffee breaks

– Networking sessions

For more informations and for subscription, please complete the next formula.

Remember about your toolbox:

1. Wire cutters

2. Hot glue gun

3. Scissor and flower knife

4. Plier

5. Hammer

For more informations you can contact us at: 0742.804.918 or by e-mail :

            Bloom Your Business – a complex program of flower businesses development – an opportunity to merge yourself into a pure experience of international floral design, a program about the excitement of being florist !

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*Aceste schițe sunt preluate din cărțile lui Gregor Lersch.